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Training in Kyiv

Last weekend our staff, volunteers, mentors, and houseparents traveled to Kyiv for training in working with kids of all ages, specifically for mentors.

One Hope provided professional speakers, a beautiful hotel, and delicious meals for us! Topics that were covered in the two short days included how to best help the children still in orphanages, how we can identify the need when we see the expression of the need in the children with whom we work, how important it is to let them know they are precious to us now as they are, not just for who they can be someday.

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Mommies’ Club

Last month we began a bi-weekly club for expecting and young mothers, inviting girls who have graduated from the orphanage in the past few years.

These young girls are beautiful, alone, and scared about the future. Most of them are still enrolled in trade school and receiving stipends, however that may change when they have a baby. We love providing an evening of fun, encouragement, food, and training for them, so they can not only face tomorrow with confidence and hope, but know they are not alone.

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A week ago orphanages had a Fall break and we were asked if we could think of a small one day program for a group of orphans from Matveevka. We said yes!….

Lat month we went to Matveevka orphanage and met with the Director, Larisa Konstantinovna. We told her that two of her last year graduates, Oksana and Sasha, are now living at our group homes in Zaporozhye. She was very happy to hear that and said that group homes is a great idea to help orphanage graduates to socialize.

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