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On December 22, New Hope Center held a winter holidays celebration for the orphans we work with throughout the year.

We invited children and graduates from “Sunrise Orphanage” here in Zaporozhye. Some of them currently live in our housing program. The orphanage director, Ekaterina Povlovna, and some of their teachers joined us as well.

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New Hope Center was abundantly blessed to be able to provide food for our pregnant and young mothers as they prepare for the upcoming holidays with their families.

“In a tough time struggling to find work, pay rent, and buy diapers, they were so grateful and praised God for the help He poured out on them, simply because He loves them. The practical message was timely as Christmas is right around the corner.

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English Classes – The world has become closer

New Hope Center had the privilege of meeting Janet and her family this past summer while they were visiting Zaporozhye. She has been a huge blessing from afar!

“Skype is a wonderful thing! Through it the world has become closer: sharing information, opening great possibilities and making new friends. One application we have begun this fall is teaching English via Skype to students of New Hope Center.

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