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SPORT TOURNAMENT in Novo-Nikolaevka orphanage

New Hope Center had the privilege of putting together a sports team and heading to Nova-Nicholaivka orphanage, about an hour and a half drive from Zaporozhye. One of our friends, Yuriy, who was on the team, purchased and brought basketballs, volleyballs, sneakers, a ping pong table, etc. to give to the orphanage that has about 260 kids. The team was met by a very warm welcome, a concert by the kids, and a huge lunch.

Their basketball and volleyball teams challenged ours in tournaments and won! They did well whether they were dancing, playing instruments, or sports, and New Hope is excited about building a stronger connection with Nova-Nicholiavka, especially as many from their graduating class are coming to study at a trade school in Zaporozhye this fall.

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Our SECOND CLASS has graduated from our PROFESSIONAL TRAINING for ORPHANS Course

The second group of orphans who received professional training at New Hope Center graduated on January 29th. Ten orphans from Orphanage #3 took classes in cooking and hair-cutting for the past four months. The kids were taught the basics of the profession they chose and received practical skills that they can use in the future.

New Hope Center teachers were able to share with orphans not only their knowledge, but their love and their hearts as they spent time with them on a weekly basis. They encouraged the orphans to continue improving their skills when our course was completed and helped them realize that they can be successful in life.

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