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We had five full, great days of spending time and having tons of fun with children from Volnyansk orphanage. Our schedule was packed with games, quests, bubbles, a water day, and a fair!

We loved seeing the kids smiling every day and happy. Giving them wonderful memories helps overcome the pain that has built up over the years. Every one of these children has their own story and their own past, most of which is enough to give us goosebumps.

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Saturday, July 4th, we celebrated here in Ukraine with two of our boys when they publicly testified to how they were released from the past, from their old way of life, and brought into glorious freedom!

We are so proud of Tolik and Igor and are excited to walk along side of them in this new journey they have chosen.

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We joined the younger kids at Volnyansk’s summer location to do a one-day camp with them.

The day was filled with a mixture of fun, useful and productive activities, as well as group challenges, such as a “quest” and sports. There were two teams in our Quest that had to complete different assignments that helped them become better teammates, learning how to work together. To start with, each team came up with a name for themselves and motto that they would have to yell out loud and clear at different points in the game. The quest included seven stations of different assignments!

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