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From youth to the elderly

In May the graduates of our professional hairdressing and manicure courses at New Hope Center visited a shelter for elderly women in the village of Kutuzovka a couple hours south of Zaporozhye.

“I was so nervous before we went, but they were so friendly and we immediately felt at home with them,” said Yulia, one of our students.

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Vocational training | Graduation Dinner

The graduation dinner for our students didn’t feel like a formal event — we were just celebrating with close friends we had gotten to know over the past three months of classes. Our time together had passed way too quickly, as usual. Although we teach our students a lot of things, they still have so much more to learn and need help finding direction.

The graduates arrived late for their dinner – we found out later it was because they were looking for flowers to buy for their teachers! This is the first time ever that our teachers received a bouquet from each of their students and it was so special to us, because we know our students don’t have extra money to spend. We were encouraged a lot by their generous hearts and have hope for them for a secure and sucessful future. At New Hope Center, these young people received basic training that will give them a chance for a better life, as well as the instruments and equipment they need to begin their work.

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