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Children from crises families are in danger of being taken away from their parents by force and put in a public orphanage system that will ruin their lives. In response to this situation New Hope Center has developed a program (called DreamKIDZ ) to help children develop physically, emotionally and spiritually and help parents learn and practice healthy family model. DreamKIDZ is weekly attended by 60 kids (age 5 to 12) and 25 parents.

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Getting a job for an orphanage graduate or a young adult displaced from the war zone is extremely difficult in current economical situation in Ukraine. These young adults are vulnerable to sexual exploitation, substance abuse or become homeless. In response to this need we provide job skills training (haircutting, nail service, cooking, etc.) along with character development courses. This results in job placement or self employment protecting disadvantaged young adults from misery and exploitation and giving them a chance for a much better future!

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Many young mothers from among orphans lack skills and motivation to raise their chirlren. Unfortunately, most of such children ultimely end up in an orphanage. To break this vicious cycle we offer support groups for the young mothers to help them learn how to love and raise their children and give them a happy childhood they deserve.

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