A New Group of Hairdressers

Posted: 17 April 2017

New Hope Center has offered vocational training courses for orphanage graduates and youth at risk for several years. In February 2017, a new group of four future hairdressers began their courses. Two of them are orphans who have been adopted and the other two girls are from large families. These girls will study three months (three days a week) completely free of charge.

The students began their coursework with a lot of enthusiasm! The future hairdressers are serious about building their careers, so they try very hard. Our teachers believe in their students and help them not only learn to cut hair well, but also to believe in themselves.

The learning process includes a large number of practical exercises. To improve their professional skills, students will be able to go to nursing homes, boarding schools and rural churches, where students are always welcomed and greeted with great joy.

The course will last until the end of May. Each graduate of the professional courses of New Hope Center will receive a certificate and a set of their own tools that will help them start their own business (self-employment) and recieve a steady income improving their financial situation.

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