For two years New Hope Center has been working with families who have found themselves in difficult life circumstances. Every half year, DreamKIDZ project takes twenty new families who have a ten-month period of visiting numerous useful programs, interesting meetings, and distinctive events (such as family holidays and summer camps). Children and parents receive tremendous support both from specialists and from each other and usually become good friends.

One year ago parents from the first DreamKIDZ group did not want to say goodbye to each other and to the staff of New Hope Center after the end of the project. The DreamKIDZ employees and volunteers gave them a pleasant surprise by inviting the parents to continue their fellowship in the format of Christian meetings. Since January 2017 the meetings have taken place at New Hope Center. Since then meetings have been held every week and are constantly attracting new families – participants and graduates of the DreamKIDZ project.

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New Hairdresser Group

For more than three years the “New Hope” Center has been training at-risk youth (including young people being in difficult life circumstances) with the basics of various professional skills. In September this year the “New Hope” Center gathered a new group of 4 people to teach the basics of hairdressing.

Teachers are happy with the new recruitment, since their students are ready to work and with great enthusiasm master the hairdressing skills. Teacher Angela helps her students both to learn how to cut and dye hair well and to believe in their strengths! She inspires each of them with her love and example to be creative and to have professional development.

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It’s amazing how people can influence the lives of others and how their life-experiences can help form and change someone for good. Thanks to the many believers who have influenced the life of Tolik Kulinich, there have been lots of positive changes in his heart.

Tolik had a difficult past. He spent most of his young life at the orphanage. After graduation at sixteen years old, Tolik went to live with Christian mentors in one of New Hope’s group homes for orphans. His mentors were Yura and Tanya Krykun. There were four other young men living in the home at the time, as well. They all had to agree to not skip classes at their trade school, uphold their curfew at 10pm, help pay for food, and go to church every Sunday.

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