Vocational Training Fall Semester 2016

This year we recruited a group of students to study and become nail-technicians. We have four students and these girls constantly bring us joy and inspire us! It’s so rare to have a group of students who don’t skip any classes, who don’t hand in their homework late, and after class their teachers still have strength and are happy. 😉

For us it’s particularly rare, because we work with young people who have been through trauma in life or who have little motivation to learn to work hard and change anything in their lives. We have students to compare our current class to – out of our last group of students studying to be nail-technicians, unfortunately, none of the five girls received their diploma.

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Summer camp «7я»

(“7я” in Russian reads as “seven people” or “family”). Summer camp «7я» successfully concluded the first (spring) part of the dreamKIDZ project. From the very beginning when the group was being formed we told the families that they were going to be invited to an exciting camp at the coast together with the dreamKIDZ team.

Everyone who took an active part in hobby classes, sport events, festivals and trainings for parents during the last three months could go on the exciting trip to the Azov Sea coast.

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PICNIC and day of festivities with DreamKIDZ

All of our kids, their parents, and everyone involved in our project were invited to spend a day outside of the hot city with us for a fun-filled day together!

A Quest, complete with 12 stations of challenges, sports, and activities, was spread across the whole territory of the resort. Adults and kids alike joined in and competed against each other for tons of laughs and team-building fun.

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