Posted: 21 December 2017

For two years New Hope Center has been working with families who have found themselves in difficult life circumstances. Every half year, DreamKIDZ project takes twenty new families who have a ten-month period of visiting numerous useful programs, interesting meetings, and distinctive events (such as family holidays and summer camps). Children and parents receive tremendous support both from specialists and from each other and usually become good friends.

One year ago parents from the first DreamKIDZ group did not want to say goodbye to each other and to the staff of New Hope Center after the end of the project. The DreamKIDZ employees and volunteers gave them a pleasant surprise by inviting the parents to continue their fellowship in the format of Christian meetings. Since January 2017 the meetings have taken place at New Hope Center. Since then meetings have been held every week and are constantly attracting new families – participants and graduates of the DreamKIDZ project.

Usually from eight to twelve families (25-30 parents with children) come to each meeting. At the beginning of each meeting everyone gathers together in one room: they pray for each other and sing Christian songs. After that, Bible studies occur according to age groups. There are three different age groups: parents, teenagers and children. The younger group and teenagers have their own Bible study program. Teachers try in every possible way to diversify the time, using various visual materials in order to interest every kid. Also, there are games through which children can enjoy the new knowledge, and the teachers rejoice with them. At the end of the classes everyone gathers together again so that children, parents and mentors can have informal communication with each other on personal or spiritual topics. Optionally, each person brings different goodies, creating a cozy atmosphere. Thus, the fellowship turns out to be warm, homey and tasty.

“One family which attends our Saturday meetings is now on a spiritual search. These meetings are a very powerful resource for them. It's nice to observe them!” —  the New Hope Center employees express their observations.

It is very exciting that the participants of the DreamKIDZ project suggested the idea to continue to have fellowship and regularly meet together. It is even more exciting to see that families who have encountered difficulties in their lives are interested in Christian values and growing spiritually. That helps them to continue to live and grow in community regardless of circumstances. We pray that each participant of Christian fellowship at New Hope Center would draw closer to God; that parents and children would have good communication not only with each other, but also with their Heavenly Father who fills the human heart with hope, peace, joy and love.

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