DreamKIDZ is a center for child development and responsible parenthood. Our goal is assisting families that are in crises or in a difficult life circumstances. Many of the families with whom we work are close to having their parental rights terminated and their children taken away from them to be placed in orphanages or government boarding schools.

Reasons for this may vary, however most fall under the following categories:

  • parental alcoholism;
  • parents in the process of divorce, cannot divide the children. Children in these circumstances often suffer from stress and trauma during the court process;
  • single mothers with many children, who experience financial difficulties;
  • foster parents having difficulty in their relationship with the child/children—the family on the verge of collapse and the child close to being sent back to the orphanage;
  • families who have taken guardianship of a child because of the absence of parents and are experiencing relationship difficulties with the child/children.

All of the families we work with are registered with Child Services in Zaporozhye.

New Hope Center has developed a program that works with these children (and adults in their lives) who have experienced trauma or are in a critical situation that harms their mental, emotional, and/or physical wellbeing.

We began holding classes in March of 2016, for these families in crisis. We offer classes for parents (or guardians), including workshops, discussions, and individual meetings with a psychologist to provide better care for each participant in our program. The goal of these classes is to correct destructive behavior in families, improving the relationship between the parent/guardian and the child.

Our work with the children includes behavioral correction, dealing with anger, and instilling healthy self-esteem in the child to reduce their levels of anxiety and aggression. These lessons are taught through therapeutic games, masterclasses, art therapy, etc. We include family days and activities often, which involves both the parents/guardian and the child interacting together. These activities include camps, family conferences, and fun-days for families which can be anything from small car racing in the park to indoor children’s centers filled with trampolines, crafts, and ball pits.

All of our lessons and activities are focused on restoring destroyed family relationships, strengthening family, and teaching constructive and healthy behavior. We help children and their parents live through traumatic situations, being there for the children and participating not only physically in their lives, but emotionally as well.

Participants of our program are registered with the Social Services of our city and recommended to us by them, meeting the criteria of a family in serious need of assistance. We invite you to partner with us in this ministry, bringing healing and restoration to these broken families, allowing children to remain at home and not be sent to grow up in an orphanage. To see more pictures and videos, please, visit DreamKIDZ Facebook page at www.facebook.com/dreamKIDZp

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