Drop-in Center

Posted: 9 November 2015

The last week of September we opened our Drop-in Center (aka: Supper Club) doors once again to orphan graduates who are studying in trade school and living either in the school dormitories or our group homes.

We were excited to see all the kids again who have been coming the past few years, as well as new faces! We were especially glad to welcome for the first time graduates of Volnyansk orphanage – Dima, Maxim, and Vlad. It’s always nice after a long, hard day of classes to drink a cup of hot tea or coffee with something sweet, play games, talk to friends, and study the Bible together.

At the end of our time together, Kiril and Dima from our Professional Training Center cooking course prepared a delicious dinner for us with their teacher, Olya. This gives our students the opportunity to use what they’re learning to bless other and share their talents and experience.

We are so grateful for out team members Yura, Galya, and Sasha, and to Steve and Jo for all their help, along with all the volunteers who make our time with these orphan graduates so meaningful. We also thank God for giving us unity and helping us give love to the kids who are so desperately in need of it. Please pray for us and for these kids. Thank you.

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