Posted: 20 January 2017

In the beginning of January we had a winter camp for DreamKIDZ. About 60 children had an opportunity to learn and try various professions like cooking, pottery, news reporting for TV, as well as others.


Each of the three days of the camp, the children were able to try one or two professions in a practical way. For example, one of popular restaurants in Zaporozhye offered to teach children how to make pizza. The children not only made their own pizza using professional equipment, but also ate what they made with their own hands. They also made caramel candies and baked cookies, which they enjoyed eating very much!


In a pottery workshop, the children got to try a pottery profession. They made plates and whistles out of clay and got to keep what they made as useful souvenirs. Even though they got their hands and clothes dirty, the children were proud of what they had made and loved that we were so proud of them, too.

Apart from having a great time, the children also received practical knowledge that can help them chose their future professions. They learned to work with their hands and to dream about what they could do when they grow up. We hope that by visiting various new places and working with different people will help children increase their confidence and lower their anxiety levels. The camp helped children from families in crises to increase their self esteem and feel part of something bigger then their immediate surrounding. We hope to be able to provide similar activities for other children from disadvantaged families in the future.

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