Posted: 7 November 2017

It’s amazing how people can influence the lives of others and how their life-experiences can help form and change someone for good. Thanks to the many believers who have influenced the life of Tolik Kulinich, there have been lots of positive changes in his heart.

Tolik had a difficult past. He spent most of his young life at the orphanage. After graduation at sixteen years old, Tolik went to live with Christian mentors in one of New Hope’s group homes for orphans. His mentors were Yura and Tanya Krykun. There were four other young men living in the home at the time, as well. They all had to agree to not skip classes at their trade school, uphold their curfew at 10pm, help pay for food, and go to church every Sunday.

During the time Tolik lived in his New Hope family he learned many life-skills, including how to cook and how to handle finances wisely. The most important thing, however, Tolik feels that he learned was how to communication. Communication is one of the most important things in life and Tolik can now easily hold a conversation with people who come into his life. A few years ago, Tolik accepted Christ Jesus into his heart and found a spiritual family.

Tolik loves to help people, especially since so many people have helped him grow over the years and have taught him a lot about how to live well. This past summer, Tolik offered his help to New Hope Center in a way that he knows how: he offered to weld a fence around a small piece of land near New Hope’s door where people walk over everything New Hope staff tries to plant there. Although Tolik studied for three and a half years at a motor-building trade school learning to weld, he hasn’t ever worked in that profession. New Hope staff was excited to help Tolik in his desire to do something good for others.

The fence took fifteen full days to complete. Even in the middle of a very busy summer, Tolik found time to make the fence and worked carefully. In this way, he could give something to those who give to much help and care to other people. Sometimes it seems people are uninterested in helping others. In the words of one of our New Hope staff members, Yura Pilipenko, Tolik is a goal-oriented person. He knows what he wants and he finds ways to pursue what he is passionate about. Tolik is sociable, smart, and ambitious. He realizes when he makes mistakes and analyzes them. "He has great potential. He’s a fine, young man and I’m proud of him," Yura says.

Our lives can be reflected in the lives of others– when we share our experiences, our knowledge, and our love for those whom God sends into our lives and we will be able to see good fruit. God says in His Word: Freely we have received, freely give. Tolik learned this lesson well!