From youth to the elderly

Posted: 31 May 2016

In May the graduates of our professional hairdressing and manicure courses at New Hope Center visited a shelter for elderly women in the village of Kutuzovka a couple hours south of Zaporozhye.

“I was so nervous before we went, but they were so friendly and we immediately felt at home with them,” said Yulia, one of our students.

The women who lived in the shelter were so welcoming and hospitable. They talked openly with us and were very excited that we came, saying it was the first time hairdressers and nail technicians had ever visited them. Our graduates were a little worried at first, but relaxed as soon as they began cutting the beautiful silver curls with their brave scissors.

The shelter was an old Mennonite church that had been renovated, with a large auditorium for meetings. We were amazed at its beauty and grandeur. Our graduates were also very impressed by the homey atmosphere and especially by the great care with which the staff took care of the elderly.

The youngest woman at the shelter was about 80 years old and the oldest was 99 who could no longer walk, so she got her hair cut in bed. She was an amazing woman who worked as an accountant and impressed everyone that she still remembers her times tables and has memorized many of the Psalms.

Even though there’s only a one-lane road to the shelter, the graduates of New Hope Center are excited about future opportunities to help people who are lonely and seemingly forgotten.

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