Happy Mom’s Club

A club for young mothers

New Hope Center just celebrated two years of our Happy Moms’ Club – a place where girls who have graduated from an orphanage and are expecting (having chosen not to have an abortion) or already have young children can come and find support.

Moms and their children love coming to our bi-monthly meetings. We have discussions about different topics, such as “Raising 0 – 1-year-old children”, “Relationship with your husband”, “Biblical role of a woman as a mother and as a wife”, and “Forgiving others as well as yourself”. We also do crafts and play games with the moms and the children who are a little older.

As a result of our meetings, we can see that the girls are taking on more responsibly for their families and growing as mothers. They are learning to take care of their children, fulfilling their need for love and care. Most importantly, the mothers who come to our club haven’t given their children to an orphanage, but are continuing to raise their children themselves.

For the past two years, we have created relationships of trust that gives us the opportunity to talk with the moms about serious topics. The young moms accept and even enjoy the Christian perspective we share with them of family and raising children at our club, as well as at the churches they attend.

The staff and volunteers of New Hope Center constantly keep these young mothers in their prayers, that they would raise their children in love so their families would grow happy and fulfilled.