Igor’s Interview

Posted: 2 August 2015

In January of this year the day came when I decided to become a Christian. I had seen how Christians lived and realized something needed to change in my own life.

My life changed for the better and I could see God taking care of me. It became easier to live and to breathe, I wasn’t as anxious and I could feel peace in my heart and in my soul. I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes I had been making before anymore and I found new Christian friends.

I became a member of the church and I go to a small group Bible study. I had a lot of questions and God answered them through the church and my small group. My desire is to know deeper truths and I really like that. I feel the changes in me and can more easily stop my bad habits. My worldview has changed and I began to see what kind of character a Christian should have. I read a lot of stories about God and what He’s done. I learned about sin and how it affects my life and I began to change.

What do you love the most about Jesus and believers?

I love it that Jesus loves everyone the same and forgives everyone and everything, and that we can come to Him at any moment. And Christians because they are fun, friendly, kind, and open.

What are your plans and desires for the future?

My goal is to finish trade school and get into the police academy. I really like studying the Bible and would like to continue learning about God. My biggest desire and prayer is for God to help me, because a person can’t change himself and keep himself from sin. For God nothing is impossible.

What role has New Hope played in your life?

I can feel their encouragement. Our mentors help me answer spiritual questions and I know that my life is not just another life to them.