Posted: 26 December 2014

On December 22, New Hope Center held a winter holidays celebration for the orphans we work with throughout the year.

We invited children and graduates from “Sunrise Orphanage” here in Zaporozhye. Some of them currently live in our housing program. The orphanage director, Ekaterina Povlovna, and some of their teachers joined us as well.

Our celebration was dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ. Mentors from our “One-on-One” program cooked a delicious meal for us and we enjoyed it all together! The hall was decorated like a cozy cafe with small tables covered with white tablecloths and chairs around them. We had about eight tables which seated about 50 guests.

The evening began with games and the children joined right in. Galya was our MC and she did a wonderful job holding contests and leading the activities. Everyone loved it! Music, along with our leaders, created a family atmosphere where the children felt at home.

After the games, we shared the Word of God with the kids. The room was quiet and everyone paid attention to the speaker, as he shared about the God who never abandons His people and He showed us this when He sent His Son, Jesus Christ.

When the program was finished, we invited everyone to dinner — it was a special time when everyone could talk and eat together. At the end of the evening, we made a gift for the soldiers at war in Ukraine. On a large Ukrainian flag, each person outlined his hand on the flag and wrote their wishes for a soldier. It was a great way to end the Christmas party, because the kids learned not only to receive, but to give. After all the festivities, fun, food, and contests, no one wanted to leave!

Our birthday party for our Savior, Jesus Christ, was a success. Praise the LORD!

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