Mommies’ Club

Posted: 13 November 2014

Last month we began a bi-weekly club for expecting and young mothers, inviting girls who have graduated from the orphanage in the past few years.

These young girls are beautiful, alone, and scared about the future. Most of them are still enrolled in trade school and receiving stipends, however that may change when they have a baby. We love providing an evening of fun, encouragement, food, and training for them, so they can not only face tomorrow with confidence and hope, but know they are not alone.

Two weeks ago we had a photo session, thanks to our photographer, Alexandra Shuklina, for our most pregnant girls. We wanted them to see themselves as beautiful when they least feel like they are and to emphasize that their child is unique and special, created by God.

Congratulations to our first young mother had a beautiful baby boy last week!

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