New Hairdresser Group

Posted: 10 November 2017

For more than three years the “New Hope” Center has been training at-risk youth (including young people being in difficult life circumstances) with the basics of various professional skills. In September this year the “New Hope” Center gathered a new group of 4 people to teach the basics of hairdressing.

Teachers are happy with the new recruitment, since their students are ready to work and with great enthusiasm master the hairdressing skills. Teacher Angela helps her students both to learn how to cut and dye hair well and to believe in their strengths! She inspires each of them with her love and example to be creative and to have professional development.

The training will last for three months. Classes take place three times a week. Students have two practical haircut lessons and one lesson on professional ethics, on communication with clients and self-improvement. The educative process includes a large amount of practical lessons which is one hundred hours. Each student has their own clients to improve their professional skills. While studying, girls also learn to do haircuts on their relatives, friends and acquaintances.

The course will last until the end of December. The graduates of the “New Hope” Center will receive a certificate, as well as a set of their own hairdressing tools. This will help graduates continue to develop professionally and to do haircuts, thereby improving their financial situation.

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