New Hope’s Training Center

Posted: 27 June 2015

New Hope’s Training Center offers courses for orphanage graduates, young people in difficult circumstances, and children brought up in the foster care system.

On March 1st we welcomed our first class of ten students who were selected for training in either our cosmetology or cooking track. Our cosmetology program includes hairdressing and manicures/pedicures. For three months our students learned the skills needed for their new future professions, not only in theory, but in practice.

They all successfully passed their final exams, showing promising vocational ability. This month they will have the opportunity to do an internship in actual cafes and salons in the city. We hope the knowledge and skills they’ve learned through our professional courses will help them bring in a primary or secondary income for their future families so they can live well and break the cycle of poverty and despair.

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