Posted: 6 January 2016

We would like to share a prayer need with you for one of our girls. Here is her story:

We met Masha at the beginning of September when she left the shelter to study at trade school. Our organization invited her to come live in one of our group homes with our mentors to learn how to someday be independent. While Masha was studying, something happened there and she switched trade schools.

At the time, she had already been living with us for three weeks. When she switched schools, they wouldn’t let her live in the group home anymore. The school officials enforced the legal guardian rights of the director of the trade school since Masha is only 16 years old and still a minor. Masha had to move in to the trade school dormitory… During the time Masha was in our program, she had close relationships with her mentors, especially with Galya. They met often, talked, and spent time building their relationship.

On December 14th, Masha had an accident. She fell from the third floor of the dormitory, leaving her in critical physical condition. Masha broke her arm, shattering the bone from the elbow to the shoulder. Her arm is in a metal brace. She is severely bruised on her right side, her hip and ribs are in excruciating pain.

Masha was sent to the hospital and we wanted to help her – nothing is provided by the hospital, so in order to have even basic necessities someone needs to bring them to the patient. Galya went right away to see her, but she wasn’t allowed to go in – the legal guardian told the hospital Masha wasn’t allowed to have any visitors. We tried to talk to someone so they would let at least Galya in, but no one would listen to us. We finally went to the department of child services and told them about the situation. For five days Masha lay there alone without visitors, with nothing, and we weren’t allowed in to help her.

After our organization met with child services, Galya was given permission to go see Masha. She went right away and was so overwhelmed with finally getting to see her that she burst into tears. She was able to at last see and talk to her face-to-face.

Galya needs our prayer support right now for her conversations with Masha, because Masha is struggling inside, and for herself – for wisdom and patience in how she communicates with Masha. Also, please pray for Masha’s full recovery. She’s in very bad condition and can’t move. Everything hurts and she’s on a lot of painkillers. She will be in the hospital for at least a month and after that will be a long recovery for her side and her arm.

Please pray for the child services and leaders, that God would give them courage and strength to defend the rights of children in a place where they are constantly infringed upon. Please pray for us as we are fighting in the midst of this spiritual battle.

In the photo: Galya (group home mentor) with girls from New Hope Center Housing Program:
(left to right) Galya, Oksana, Sasha, and Masha.