Ski Trip to Western Ukraine

Posted: 3 April 2015

In mid-March a group of 27 people from different backgrounds and churches, including a local orphanage director, three boys from our group home, and one boy who was adopted and moved to the States three years ago, went to the mountains of western Ukraine to spend 5 days skiing.The dynamics and differences were obvious during the 23-hour train ride, plus 5-hour bus ride to get to Bukovel.Within a day, however, we had fallen together, laughed together, had our breaths taken away together at the beautiful mountains surrounding us, prayed together, and forgotten how our backgrounds had separated us.

Our boys gained confidence in things they thought they couldn’t do, then turned and encouraged others. A girl from Donetsk who had recently lost her father, found freedom on the trails and in friendships, hearing about a Heavenly Father who desperately loves her.

For eight days, we built great memories together that will hopefully overshadow ones from the past, especially in the lives of these kids that are fighting to become conquerors by the grace of God over things and memories they had no control over in the first place.

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