Student Interns

Posted: 22 August 2015

This year New Hope Center put together an internship for students from one of the universities here in Zaporozhye.

Our relationship with the university gives the students majoring in social work an opportunity to complete our program spending time talking and working with orphaned children and teenagers. Galya Pomerlyan was our internship coordinator and here are her thoughts on the time she spent with the students:

I put together an internship for social work students. From my perspective, they were very open which is unusual for youth these days. The first day we held a short training session, discussing the internal struggles of orphan children so that they could better understand the deep problems they have in their lives. The next day we visited a children’s shelter and put on a program for them, including many constructive and educational activities. The students were active participants in all we did with the children.

This was the first time any of the students had done anything like this and they enjoyed it a lot. They gained experience and most of the feedback was positive.

Another ministry in our city, Just Youth, put on a sports camp and we were able to help teach kids to play frisbee, American football, street hockey, and baseball. Our students had the opportunity to meet new people, lots of youth, and participate in the games.

The thing that impressed our students the most was the atmosphere. They expressed their gratitude in being able to learn what it means to be a social worker in such an interesting way. We began a good relationship with these students and will continue to keep in touch with them.

I was very inspired by these young people, they were always ready to help others who desperately needed it.

Praise God we had an incredible opportunity to share our Christian values and faith, influencing the students and university staff for Christ. Maybe someday they will accept Him into their hearts, as well. That is our prayer.

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