Posted: 9 July 2017

At the end of June, we held a camp called, “Family”, for the graduates of our DreamKIDZ program. More than 100 participants joined us! Children with their parents who have found themselves in difficult situations, along with thirty staff members, came to our rented territory on the Sea of Azov. We spent five wonderful days filled with meaningful conversations and family vacation away from all the everyday distractions at home.

The goal of our camp was to strengthen relationships within families, especially the relationship between children and their parents. Our whole camp was organized towards this goal–the games and lessons were all geared towards encouraging close, positive interaction within the families who participated.

Both children and their parents were excited to be a part of the all-camp games, including “Letter”, “Life for an Hour”, “Water Day”, “Safari”, etc. where there were a lot of positive emotions and joy. Every day children with their parents went to masterclasses where parents were able to spend time with their children and help them make crafts. Every evening there was a meeting where we talked about Christian family values as the basic for whole, healthy families. And of course, there was a lot of activities in the warm Azov Sea!

All the participants and staff of the camp, “Family”, are grateful for our partner organizations DORCAS and MBMISSION who made this camp possible and are counting on their support for this project for the upcoming year. We also truly believe that the time spent at our camp, “Family”, and the project, DreamKIDZ, itself helps families overcome the crises in which they have found themselves. They are forming stronger, healthier families, that are based on God’s Love! It’s not for nothing that DreamKIDZ motto is: “HEALTHY AND JOYFUL CHILDREN BUILD A BETTER NATION.”

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