Summer camp «7я»

Posted: 28 July 2016

(“7я” in Russian reads as “seven people” or “family”). Summer camp «7я» successfully concluded the first (spring) part of the dreamKIDZ project. From the very beginning when the group was being formed we told the families that they were going to be invited to an exciting camp at the coast together with the dreamKIDZ team.

Everyone who took an active part in hobby classes, sport events, festivals and trainings for parents during the last three months could go on the exciting trip to the Azov Sea coast.

The camp took place from the 1 st to the 6 th of July, 2016 at the recreation center ‘Azov Lighthouse’ in the village of Novokonstantinovka. There were 14 families who were participants of dreamKIDZ program in the camp (44 parents and children) as well as 5 families of dreamKIDZ team (with counsellors and volunteers that made 30 people).

All families – both children and parents – participated actively in various activities. It was so interesting to watch moms and dads working with their children on different challenges in quests, relay races, funfairs, crafts and sport activities. Parents helped their children to earn ‘Dreams’ (camp currency) which the latter could spend on something tasty or interesting in a camp store. Parents also supported the children and their teams which was very pleasant to watch. That was the most important thing in our time together – to learn how to show love and support to our neighbors.

The team captains and their helpers, people who organized various activities and sport events made lots of efforts to make this camp happen. They were building up a team spirit throughout the camp. Among the invited coaches were two family counselors from Kyiv – Victoria Androsova and Tatiana Koval who conducted training seminars and discussions for mom and dads.

We are especially thankful to our partners – MB mission and Dorcas who made this camp possible. We also thank the leaders of New Hope Center for inspiration and support of the camp team. We thank everyone who was on the camp ‘7я’ team. To be continued…

The dreamKIDZ meetings will be resumed in September, 2016. We are looking forward to meeting the new and former participants of our project!!!

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