Posted: 8 July 2015

We joined the younger kids at Volnyansk’s summer location to do a one-day camp with them.

The day was filled with a mixture of fun, useful and productive activities, as well as group challenges, such as a “quest” and sports. There were two teams in our Quest that had to complete different assignments that helped them become better teammates, learning how to work together. To start with, each team came up with a name for themselves and motto that they would have to yell out loud and clear at different points in the game. The quest included seven stations of different assignments!

After lunch, we had spent time getting to know the kids by talking with them, making paper cranes, and playing UNO. All of the strong and fearless boys went out to play soccer.

It’s a huge encouragement and blessing for us when orphan graduates are raised up and become leaders themselves, to come with us and help reach the children that are still left behind. One of the boys in our housing program, Tolik Kulinich, has become a great example for these young orphans — he helped lead their soccer team and cheered them on to victory.

At the end of the day we sang a song with the kids about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and how He can become our Faithful Friend. Yura Pilipenko shared a story about a unity and teamwork and encouraged them to also be there for and help each other when they need it.

The next camp will be for the older kids from the Volnyansk orphanage the beginning of July. Please pray for our team, that God would bless us as we will be living with the kids for five days, and that we would be able to share effectively with them about the grace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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