The Call of the Jungle:

Posted: 7 April 2017

As winter came to an end, the participants of “DreamKIDZ 2” were excited to break free of the industrial city of Zaporozhye for a while and find themselves in the hot, dense jungles of the Amazon. The journey didn’t take long to arrive—just as long as it took to get to the New Hope Church building—and that’s where an incredible holiday experience was created for the kids and their parents!

The children were divided into two teams: The Herbivores and the Predators. Each of the kids had an animal’s muzzle taped onto their shirts. During competitions, Herbivores earned bananas and Predators earned bones. The girls and boys had sack races, collected nuts, ran away from hunters, and had pillow fights on a shaky bridge!

During the exciting battles, the parents didn’t have time to be bored—they cheered for their children and the most excited fan won rewards. The children also received candy and had a wonderful time.

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