Our Professional Training Center provides young people who find themselves in difficult situations a chance to learn a marketable skill. With our 4-month program, students will have an opportunity to learn the skills they need to earn a living and take care of themselves.

We accept students between the ages of 18-23 who are orphans, have graduated from a boarding school/orphanage, social orphans, have been convicted of a crime or served time in prison, from a large family, from a family registered with the state as dysfunctional and unstable.

Most of our students have been raised by a single mother or grandmother who worked all day, so were mostly left to fend for themselves. They have experienced severe brokenness and betrayal by the people who were supposed to love them and protect them.

Our program offers three courses with training to become nail technicians, hair dressers, and chefs (including Ukrainian and European cuisine).

The first three months of the program take place at our office and studios, where students study and practice their chosen profession, as well as basic classes in communication, Christian ethics, basic law, finances, relationships with employers, etc. The fourth month will be spent on an internship with an existing business in the city.

All of our students are eager to study, because after just 5-6 weeks they are at a level where they can begin making money with their professional skill. At first they will make minimal pay, but as they continue learning and gaining experience, they will be able to charge more for their services. This is an important lesson we teach all of our students.

Each of our students also has the opportunity to give the gift of beauty to the disadvantaged of our region. Regular charity deals will be offered to the poor, orphans, elderly, widows, and others, where students will give haircuts, manicures, and a meal, continuing the chain of kindness and love that they have received in abundance from New Hope Center.